What Kind Of Business Litigation Matters May Be Appropriate For Contingency Fee Representation?

Many different business litigation matters may be appropriate to be handled on a contingency fee basis, including contract disputes, construction matters, employment law, intellectual property litigation, real estate matters, probate, securities litigation, shareholder disputes, antitrust litigation, eminent domain, business arbitration matters, investor fraud, professional malpractice, and other business litigation matters (simple or complex).

What Criteria Do Business Litigation Contingency Lawyers Use In Determining Whether To Accept Business Litigation Matters On A Contingency Basis?

Each business dispute/matter has a unique set of facts, risks, and level of complexity that must be analyzed before a business litigation contingency lawyer will agree to accept the representation. An initial consultation will help in the preliminary evaluation whether the business matter is appropriate for contingency representation.

Once a more detailed evaluation is completed, and if accepted on a contingency basis, the business owner and the business litigation contingency lawyer will discuss and agree on the terms of the representation.

How to Find Business Litigation Contingency Lawyers.

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