Finally, Find Business Litigation Lawyers Who Work On Contingency Rather Than Charge Large Hourly Fees!

Most people are familiar with personal injury lawyers who work on a contingency basis – the lawyer does not get paid any fee unless and until a recovery is obtained. That way, an injured person does not risk paying attorney fees in the event that there is no recovery.

Up until now, most business litigation matters were handled by lawyers who billed the client based on a large hourly rate, often incurring high fees by multiple lawyers in the same law firm, who have no incentive to obtain a fast and fair resolution of the business litigation matter because that would mean less fees billed and earned.

Business owners often wonder if their lawyers have their best interest in mind when they receive monthly bills for attorney fees that can run tens of thousands of dollars monthly. By agreeing to accept a contingency fee based on the recovery, business litigation contingency lawyers focus on obtaining the best result for the business client rather than focusing on their hourly billings.

Business owners often cannot anticipate how much net recovery they may receive once their business litigation matters are resolved because they cannot effectively anticipate how much they have to pay to their attorneys in order to finally achieve the resolution they expect. Sometimes, the lawyers make more than the net recovery to the business owner – the business lawyers may be happy but the business owners are often disgusted and may be financially ruined.

Many business owners have wondered in silence if there was a better, more efficient way to resolve their business litigation matters, knowing with some certainty how much they will pay in attorney fees and knowing that their business attorneys will be highly-incentivized to maximum the recovery, and not maximize their billable hours.

Now, finally, lawyers who gained experience and knowledge in aggressive representation in personal injury matters are applying their expertise to business litigation handled on a contingency basis.

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