California Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Manufacturers And Providers Of Scooters

By November 5, 2018Class Action Lawsuits

On October 19, 2018, a proposed class action lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of the State of California County of Los Angeles – Central District on behalf of nine injured plaintiffs accusing various manufacturers and providers of electric scooters that are popping up in many U.S. cities with ever-increasing  numbers, of “deployment” of  “fleets of defective ‘Scooters'” in California.

The class-action complaint accuses the defendants of “endangering the health, safety and welfare of riders, pedestrians and the general public” because the Scooters “are, would become and would continue to be an unsafe, dangerous and damaging public nuisance as used in the manners in which the Defendants … intended and/or should have known the Scooters were going to be used.”

The class-action lawsuit alleges, in part: “In “dumping” thousands of Scooters onto our streets, sidewalks and other Public Places within a very short period of time, without any signficant, reasonable or appropriate warning to or approval by public authorities, the Scooter Defendants, and each of them, have acted in a grossly negligent manner and outrageously, maliciously, fraudulently and oppresssively and/or with a conscious disregard for the health, safety and welfare of the Plaintiffs, and each of them, and the general public, thereby justifying the imposition of punitive or expemplary damages.”

The class action complaint further alleges: “Scooter Defendants’ deployment of the Scooters throughout the Public Places of California has caused civil unrest with individuals throwing the Scooters into trashcans, dumpsters, the Venice Canals and the Pacific Ocean, in addition to lighting the Scooters on fire (which, due to their batteries, can cause explosions), and burying them into the sand of California’s beaches.”

The Scooters involved in the proposed California class action lawsuit include scooters deployed by Lime and Bird, which are manufactured by Xiaomi and Segway.

Source (Class Action Complaint)

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